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Practice solving hardware problems at the RTL level with Bytes at Problems. Check out some of the problems available below.


How is this web service implemented?

Using yosysJS and Quill, clients can develop and test verilog modules without any additional web fetching once the HTML page and assets arrive at the client.


Any unsupported features from Verilog?

  • Yes, Yosys is a framework for 2005 Verilog and there are some unsupported features from that version too listed within YosysHQ readme from Github

Ideas for additional problems or improvements for the website?

  • Email me at sih28 `at` cornell.edu
  • Or submit an issue for this project's github

Where can I peek the solutions?

  • Each problem has a `golden example` verilog solution, literally. Each problem has a golden_verilog script embedded in the HTML file. This is used to develop miter comparison circuits for testing.